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Elmo Book 1: Being Human


The Journey of Elmo at the Source of the Nile – Being Human

Elmo is a young hippo living at the source of the Nile on Lake Victoria with his tribe when the decision is made to visit the mysterious Sacred Place. On this trip, Elmo is kidnapped by tribesmen who inhabit one of the islands and taken to live with them in a world that is alien to him. Elmo has to grow up being tested every day with adventure and danger. Elmo is visited by the Earth Spirit, who has singled him out for something special, and he realises he has to live and learn to fulfil his own destiny. Elmo sees the damage that humans are doing to the world around him. He needs to survive, understand their ways and think of what the future holds for the animal kingdom – a challenge indeed.

This book is a companion story to the Adventures of Patricia the Hippo at the Source of the Nile.

52pp Children's Story Book with full-colour illustrations throughout.
Printed on 250gsm/130gsm paper and perfect bound (A5 size).
ISBN: 978-0-9955331-8-9