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Book 6: Dreaming to Fly


The Adventures of Patricia the Hippo at the Source of the Nile – Book Six: Dreaming to Fly

As the ‘Owen Falls Dam’ nears completion, the threat to the animals at the source of the Nile, near the town of Jinja, grows ever greater. Patricia the Hippo dreams of flying, despite her size, so she can see what lies further south on the great Lake Victoria. When her friend Beth, the only human Patricia is not invisible to, meets Professor Titus Pompei, there’s a chance Patricia’s dream might come true. But can the Professor be trusted to take the adventurers to yet undiscovered jungle lands far from humanity? In this sixth book, the seeds are sewn for an even bigger story as Patricia battles to understand herself, the other animals, humans and lastly tries to fulfil the great mission given to her by the Lake Spirit. What would you do? What would a hippo do?

32pp Children's Story Book with full-colour illustrations throughout.
Printed on 350gsm card and wiro bound (A5 size).
ISBN: 978-0-9554214-4-0